Sophistication and modernity with excellent coatings

Our years of experience and passion for innovation have led us in the right direction: We brought to life a complete portfolio of products and became leaders in our segment.


To transform, in a responsible manner, natural resources into products to provide environments with innovation, beauty, and quality.


To be among the 3 largest ceramic flooring and tiling companies in Brazil, setting trends while satisfying customers, suppliers, and employees.


Ethics, Excellence, and Social Responsibility.

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A history guided by innovations and technologies, carrying out the mission of transforming, in a responsible manner, natural resources into tiling products to create environments with beauty and quality. This is the essence of the history of the LEF Group, founded in 1994, in the city of Piracicaba, state of São Paulo.

Since then, we have been consolidating ourselves in the industry and, with an entrepreneurial approach, a production process that follows very high standards, and a team of highly qualified and committed professionals, we have become one of the leading companies in the ceramic tiles segment.

Products under the brands Lef Cerâmica, ViaÁpia, ViaRosa Porcelanato and Rox are produced in our modern industrial park, each of them serving its respective target audience with the same LEF way of bringing innovation and beauty to our consumers.

Physical structure

250.000 sq. m
in total area
155.000 sq. m
in covered area
10 milion sq. m
in storage capacity
direct employees
indirect jobs
6.200 MW
of energy/month
4,5 milion cubic
of gas/month
50.000 tons
of clay/month
3.300 tons
of enamel/month

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Technology present in every detail

To offer the market increasingly innovative ceramic tiles, with a variety that suits different tastes, purposes, and audiences, we continuously invest in technology and training for our professionals.

Additionally, our industrial park is made up of modern Brazilian, Italian and Spanish equipment for the production of our products. This provides us with an increasingly surprising portfolio that stands out for its beauty and excellence!

Technology is part of the LEF Group’s mission, having been decisive in allowing us to become a unique and pioneering company in the market. We constantly absorb a wide range of technological benefits for our industry.

Our future depends on us!

Sustainability is a priority for us, which is why all of our production processes follow the guidelines of our integrated management system (IMS).

We are committed to practicing conscious consumption and continuous improvement in environmental performance, through the provision of resources to ensure the achievement of our goals and targets.

Our environmental responsibility is at our core. We carefully comply with legal requirements to prevent pollution resulting from our manufacturing process.

We also prioritize increasing recycling and reducing the consumption of natural resources and generation of solid waste.

Water storage and treatment

We collect and store up to 13 million liters of rainwater, which, after being treated, is used in production.

Optimization for a sustainable future

Strict process controls make it possible to neutralize impacts on the environment.

Reforestation in clay extractions areas

After controlled clay extraction, we reforest the entire area with local species.

Use of hot air

We consume less natural gas by reusing hot air in our processes.

This is our commitment to the sustainability of our planet!

Integrated Policy

The LEF Group, a manufacturer of ceramic tiles and surfaces active in the Brazilian and international markets, is committed to meeting the needs of its interested parties, basing its Integrated Management System on the following principles:

  • Seeking competitive quality, aiming at the sustained improvement of its results, researching, developing and continually improving existing and new processes, products, and services, to meet the expectations of customers, employees, shareholders, the community, suppliers, and other stakeholders;

  • Promoting a safe and healthy working environment for our employees and other interested parties through the identification, assessment and elimination of hazards, as well as reduction of occupational health and safety risks;

  • Preventing pollution by reducing environmental impacts related to water consumption, disposal of solid waste and atmospheric emissions while continuously considering these elements in the maintenance, improvement and development of new processes and products;

  • Meeting legal standards and other requirements applicable to our products, services, and processes;

  • Seeking the continuous improvement of our integrated management system, aiming to sustain and evolve our business performance.

The history that makes us a unique and pioneering company in the market

Foundation of the LEF Group in Piracicaba, in the state of São Paulo.
Installation of the 3rd and 4th production lines.
Installation of the 5th production line.
2nd ceramics company in the state of São Paulo with a natural gas network.
Foundation of the LEF Group in Piracicaba, in the state of São Paulo.
Installation of the 3rd and 4th production lines.
Installation of the 5th production line.
2nd ceramics company in the state of São Paulo with a natural gas network.
Establishment of the brand in the international market through the CCB Certification.
Installation of the 6th production line.
Installation of the 7th production line with wet-process technology.
Launch of the ViaRosa Porcelanato brand.
Start of colorimetry work with the tinting system and spectrophotometer.
1st HD digital decoration system in Brazil’s Southeast region; 1st full-field polishing system in Brazil; launch of the ViaÁpia brand, being the first ceramic company in the world to master digital technology in dry-process products.
Modernization of the 2nd production line and 1st dry-grinding facility outside of Italy.
Opening of the industrial restaurant and modernization of the 1st production line.
Modernization of the 7th production line; Acquisition of the 5th HD digital decoration system; Restructuring of grinding lines with the construction of a new area of 1,800 sq. m.
Modernization of the ViaRosa production line for 72×72 format; Launch of the Rox brand.
New polishing system with ultra shine technology; Installation of grinding system for dry-process products.
Launch of large-format dry-process products; Modern sorting line and palletizing system.
New griding and sorting lines.
Launches of large-format, wet-process products, with 35x72 semi-arenite format; Start of construction of our new porcelain tile factory (opening and commissioning scheduled for January 2025).

LEF Group brands

Each of our brands provides its customer profile with something in common: products that have maximum quality and exceed expectations.

We invite you to meet them right now!


The first brand of the LEF Group. It was launched in 1994, focusing on the production of dry-process ceramic floors and coverings. Over these years of history, it has become one of the market leaders in its segment.


In 2008, we established a new brand with the installation of a wet-process production line for the production of porcelain flooring and monoporous wall tiles. That is how we started producing our premium line with ViaRosa Porcelanato.

The brand is a leader in Brazil and worldwide in the production and marketing of porcelain flooring and monoporous wall tiles.


In 2011, we invested in creating the ViaÁpia brand. Its products stand out for using Full HD digital printing technology in the dry process, allowing us to become the first company to master this technique for ceramics production in the world.

The portfolio includes sophisticated products, with high quality and innovative types and design, making it a leader in ceramic floors and tiles.


ROX was launched in 2015, with a democratic and balanced design and the mission of offering products that combine quality, a modern design, and a great cost/benefit. The brand brings together products in its portfolio that serve a wide variety of audiences, with floorings, ceramics, and ceramic and monoporous wall tiles. It is the union of all the brands in our Group.

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